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About Us

Our Team

Our clinical laboratory provides diagnostic laboratory testing services for Clinics, Pre-Employment, Staffing Agencies, and for patients. IDTC Clinical Laboratory is a fully licensed clinical laboratory operating within the Dallas Fort-Worth Area. Our lab provides high-quality, cost-effective, innovative laboratory services to local, regional, national and international clients.

IDTC Clinical Laboratory is to offer a broad range of procedures in the following areas:

  • General Health 

  • Drug and Alcohol 

  • STD 

  • Covid-19 Vaccinations

  • DOT Testing

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Fast and Efficient Service

At IDTC Clinical Laboratory, we understand the need for fast and efficient testing and results —when you come in for any service at our lab, the results are extremely important. In many instances, they can even be life-changing. With this in mind, we make it our goal to provide accurate results by conducting multiple test to go above and beyond for our clients, providing 99.9% accurate testing. 


Same day service is available with instant drug testing and results, scheduling a test is fast and easy.

Our Tests

Tests & Vaccines

At IDTC Clinical Laboratory, we offer a variety of testing services.  Our lab technician are happy to assist you, answering any questions, help scheduling appointments and providing you the best testing service.

We offer the following types of tests:

  • Cholesterol

  • Glucose 

  • Hemoglobin A1c 

  • Urine hCG Analysis

  • Urinary Pregnancy Test 

  • DOT Drug Test

  • 10-Panel Drug Test 

  • 12-Panel Drug Test 

  • HIV Antibody Test

We make it our priority to report your results quickly and ensure that they are completely reliable. 

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